Are Our Armed Forces the Best in the World?

Our politicians including President Obama himself constantly remind us that the United States Armed Forces remain to be the most powerful in the world and America is the only superpower left after the collapse of the soviet union. Politicians however are not known for their honesty and so it is necessary to take an objective view of our military capabilities based on eight key components namely manpower, air-power, naval power, land capabilities, power projection, technology, budget and oil resources.

Our nation has a population of 318 million of which roughly one third is capable of military service and over 4 million reach acceptable military recruiting age annually. Despite recent cutbacks the military maintains a total of 1.3 million active personnel and up to 800,000 soldiers in reserve. China on the other hand has a population of over 1.3 billion people which means that even if we less the entire population of the US from china they would still have another 1 billion people to go. China also has active military personnel nearly twice that of our country at 2.4 million troops and three times our reserve personnel at over 2.3 million troops. (P.S. this is China’s manpower with the one child per couple policy which was recently amended to allow two children.)

Our nations Air Force has since the end of the second world war been considered supreme and this fact continues to this day. We maintain over 13, 000 military aircraft compared to China’s 3,000 and Russia’s 3,500. All of our fighter planes, bombers and interceptors are all modern and well equipped with the latest advancements for air combat. China`s and Russia`s respective Air Forces are still undergoing refurbishment because most of them are from the cold war era and can be easily considered the equivalent of flying scrap metal. America is also the only nation in the world with a fighter designated as a fifth generation plane namely the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor which is capable of outmaneuvering every other fighter plane in the world.

In terms of naval capabilities our nation has more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined and maintains over 70 submarines and 60 destroyers. While its true that North Korea has more submarines and total naval vessels than we do, it is largely a navy of floating junk using technology from the 60`s and manned by underfed naval troops.

This is where it gets tricky for the United States because while we maintain 8,000 tanks, 40,000 armored vehicles and 1,300 artillery guns Russia has double the number of tanks we do at 15,000 and they are just as good if not better because Russia’s lethal T-90 can match our M-1 Abrams. Proof of this is that they have been recently deployed in both Ukraine and Syria with devastating effects. China also has the advantage on land because even though America has a high kill ratio it wouldn’t matter against China because they have such a high population that they would let as many people die as necessary until they finally got the advantage. This strategy was used by the Soviets against a better trained Germany at the battle of Moscow and Stalingrad because no matter how many soldiers the Nazis killed more just kept coming.

This is a military and political term used to measure how well equipped a nation is to rapidly enforce and sustain its will on other nations through use of economic power or armed forces. In this category the United States is far and beyond any other nation in the world because the use of aircraft carriers means we have floating bases in any part of the world we want and the Marine corp is specifically designed to deploy to any country within a matter of days.

While the United States may have dominance over the rest of the world in terms of technologies such as stealth bombers, accuracy of ICBMs and satellite technology, it should be noted that countries like China, Russia and India are making great strides to catch up. Examples of this is that China recently deployed small but deadly naval vessels built for a few million dollars but capable of sinking Americas 10 billion dollar carriers.

Our defense budget is larger than the next 8 nations put together but China is quickly catching up and it is anticipated that China may surpass us by as soon as the year 2030. Our current budget stands at just over 600 billion dollars while China is at 150 billion.

The most important resource in war time is without a doubt oil because all vessels short of nuclear powered submarines and carriers all depend on oil as their main source of energy. Both America and Russia have immense oil reserves that could be utilized at war time so as to ensure self sufficiency.

In case you are wondering why the nuclear option is not considered as a factor, it`s because of MAD which means mutual assurance of destruction. A war between nuclear powers such as Russia and America would likely result in a nuclear winter in which no nations would survive and thus rendering the war pointless.

With all the facts in perspective, it`s rather obvious that our nation indeed still possess the best armed force in the world and will continue to do so for decades to come.

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Branches of the Military

If you’re thinking of joining the military career, then its good you know its various branches before you can choose one that suits you. Not only is a military career an honorable one, but it can also be very fulfilling in maximizing one’s own potential. The military teaches values of leadership, comradeship and duty that can’t be found in any other field. It is a proven training that takes in young men and women and turn them into strong and productive members of the society. Below is a short description of the general branches of the military and duties of each branch:

The Army specializes in long-term occupations as well as special missions to help gain control of conflict areas and help stabilize the situation. While others specialize in ground forces, they have a full fleet of planes, tanks, and other vehicles to complete their missions.

The Navy is a high-tech unit of the military that specializes in offshore missions as well as special task forces that help secure the perimeter of a conflict area and keep the enemy limited to land warfare. Their ocean vessels are as well the carriers of massive deployments, moving soldiers of all branches to conflict areas.

The Marines are at the forefront of every conflict and are usually sent in first on ground missions to gain grounding and pave the way for other branches to carry out their missions. The Marines provide vital intel upon their invasions that is communicated to other branches as a valuable source of intelligence.

Air Force
The Air Force is the military’s strength in the skies. While all branches of the military have air vessels on their fleet, the Air Force has the greatest concentration of them as well as the most recent and special technologies to help stabilize conflict zones and help clear them so that ground forces can proceed into those areas.

Coast Guard
The Coast Guard specializes in securing the borders around a country or State and its many territories. The Coast Guard often engages in rescue missions as well as anti-trafficking missions off domestic and nearby waters.

National Guard
This is a branch of the military that focuses on domestic conflicts. It is the first branch to be deployed at times of civil unrest and other domestic threats on a territory. They are also called in as back-up on international missions.
Admission process
The admission process is the same no matter which branch you wish to join. Each person begins as a trainer and how they excel at both written and physical test will see them get promoted to the next rank. The admission process for the Marines is the most rigorous since they are always the first ones in line. Their basic training is the hardest while that of the air force is considered the easiest.
However basic the military training is, it is actually tough for the benefit of the recruits. The training is meant to harden them for the unexpected events that are likely to occur in a battlefield. It is therefore of utmost importance that recruits perform exceedingly well in their tests to have a long and successful career as military men.

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Disabled Veterans

Because veterans have provided service to our beloved country, they are entitled to certain benefits that are especially set up for them. This includes home loan benefits that the VA (Veterans Administration) came up with. The veterans that have been disabled while in military service are entitled to additional or more VA loan benefits. They are also treated fair and with equal protection from the Fair Housing Act of the Department of (HUD) Housing and Urban Development of the United States of America. The VA loan benefits as well as the protection that the act provides aim to help veterans, especially the disabled, in finding affordable housing and also save money to give them a more comfortable life to live.

Discriminatory Landlords Charged by HUD

Earlier this March, HUD have taken action against two landlords of New York City for violating the Fair Housing Act for the sole reason that they did not allow a certain disabled veteran suffering from (PTSD) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to accommodate a doctor-prescribed therapeutic dog to live in the veteran’s apartment. As soon as the veteran filed a complaint on housing discrimination, the landlords immediately threatened to drive him out of his apartment. The federal court reviewed the case and the verdict ran in favor to the veteran stating that the landlords’ actions were clearly a violation to the Fair Housing Act. For each violation being committed, the landlords were fined $16,000 as penalty.

Although the veteran rented an apartment complex that had a no-pets policy, the landlords should have adjusted the rules for the benefit of the veteran for he is disabled, according to the Act of Fair Housing. This is especially so because the accommodation being in question is of reasonable matter. The Assistant Secretary of (FHEO) Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, John Trasvina, said that it is his duty to ensure veterans have access to affordable, safe, and discrimination-free housing. HUD’s prompt action shows that all of the veterans’ housing needs are met and heard accordingly. Just like everyone else, they do not deserve to be treated unjustly.

Disabled Veterans May Receive Other Benefits

The veterans that have been disabled during service don’t only gain special access to the fair housing advocacy, but they are also first in line in receiving special (VA) Veterans Administration loan benefits. They are the benefits that is being offered to homebuyers as a great incentive which is requiring no mortgage insurance and no down payment needed although the disabled veterans are eligible to receive more VA loan benefits which means they are exempted in paying funding feeds and to certain states, the property taxes, making them save hundreds or even thousands of dollars! To top that off, they are also able to gain accommodation grants in making their homes more easily accessible to assist them of their disabilities. The said accommodations are as follows: home improvements such as renovating the rooms to gain more access and building additions i.e. Wheelchair ramps.

Disabled veterans have given a lot more than the country have asked them for, so it is just about right and just to thank them properly. These initiatives being done in their favor are nothing compared to what they have done for our country. If you wanna know and learn more about the stated VA loan benefits, contact a VA specialist as soon as possible!

Veteran’s Affairs

If you happen to be in the midst of taking care or looking after a veteran, it is a great thing to know that there several programs available regarding veterans’ benefits. These particular benefits will help in implementing financial support to virtually every veteran and their spouses/survivors as well.

Even in the event that a veteran has not claimed these benefits prior to notifying Veterans Affairs about their age, income situation or physical condition, they may still qualify for financial help. You would do the veteran in your life a truly positive thing by assisting them during the application process because you would be helping them to improve their life and all of those around them who care.

Determining If a Veteran Qualifies

As a veteran ages, “service-connected disabilities” will be the first to arrive. Several of the financial regarded benefits applied by the V.A. are only payable if a veteran happens to have what is typically known as a service connection disability. The term “disability” simply means a mental, physical and emotional condition has rendered an individual from performing usual, everyday activities. Service connection means that the disability was due to the time spent in the military. The reality is though, the veteran very well may have not have obtained their disability via the service.

For so many veterans out there in the world, a disability which had begun decades prior to their time in the service only becomes of the disabling sort as they get older. If this happens to be the case, a veteran may very well qualify for service-connected disabilities when in the event that a particular condition actually becomes disabling and they are no longer functioning the way they used to do.

Every Veteran Has a Chance

There is a good chance that compensation will be accepted even if the veteran suffers from a minute or recently played a role in hindering their daily activities. If this is so, the veteran may very well be eligible for a compensation payment which is provided on a monthly basis. When the veteran applies for his or her benefits, Veterans Affairs will then accordingly rate the veteran in regards to how debilitating their disorder actually is.

The highest rating (100% disabled) will pay $2,527 a month

The lowest rating (10% disability) will pay $117 per month

If an aging veteran has a 30% rating or even higher, their spouse is eligible for extra monthly benefits

Veterans Affairs may help and supply grants to either buy or even refinance a home or even modify a car or a home. The V.A. is able to offer benefits which come in the approximate form of several different loans and even loan guarantees which will help veterans have the ability to either buy or finance a home.

Contact Veteran’s Affairs and Make an Appointment

There are so many ways to find out about how a veteran or individual helping a veteran can obtain more information regarding veterans’ benefits. The very best thing to do would be to contact Veteran’s Affairs and make a special appointment to talk personally to one of the many great counselors employed through your local V.A. office.

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Video Introduction

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