The Best Questions to Ask a Potential Real Estate Agent

Before you hire just any realtor, you have to understand this is a relationship that could last at the least for several months. Don’t make the mistake many potential home buyers make in rushing this process when all you need is the right information at your disposal to make a more informed decision. Here are the top questions you should be asking a realtor you may consider hiring to find houses for sale Charleston SC or anywhere.

Charleston Luxury homes for saleDo You Have Awards? Most realtors will jump at the chance to show you all the awards and accommodations they have received. This is a sign the realtor takes their business serious and they have a great track record of closing the deal.

How Long Have You Been a Realtor? Even though all realtors have to get their start somewhere, if you are looking to close a deal fast you have to be working with a realtor who has some experience. In this business, connections and experience are everything.

Do You Offer Real Estate Rebates? If you are not yet familiar with the real estate rebate, get familiar with them today. This is basically an incentive offer the realtor makes to potential clients in order to get them to work with the realtor. You don’t have to do anything, no form, no qualifications, just agree to work with the realtor and you could see a check for thousands at closing. Now you know how to get a real estate buyers rebate, so don’t forget to ask for one.

How Many Houses Did You Close? It doesn’t matter if it is a buyer or sellers market, the best realtors can make sales all year long. Results are everything here, so choose your realtor based on their track record.

Can We Meet First? If the realtor is too busy now to meet with you, imagine once you sign a real estate contract. You have to meet with the realtor to see if you’re compatible with them. You don’t want to be working with clashing personalities.

Can I View Your Listings? This is important because you will see how they photograph client houses, how they write up the property, how they offer assistance, and how many houses they are currently involved with during this time.

These are the most important questions you should be asking your realtor. If nothing else, you weeded out the bad realtors and now have a nice list of qualified experts ready to work on your behalf.