Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Boat

Boats for SaleDon’t make the mistake millions of people make each year in buying a boat on impulse. Think things through and you will be in a better position to get the boat of your dreams on a budget you can afford so you can continue making cherished memories for a long while.

1. Make a list and compare all of the benefits and negatives of buying new versus getting a used boat for sale.

2. Be sure that you invest time and money in taking a boating safety class. Your responsibility on that boat is all those passengers and yourself, and these classes are designed to prepare you for anything out on the seas miles from shore.

3. Call a few local marinas and see what the cost is to rent a slip and what they do concerning winterizing and storing the boat in the off season. It might be more cost effective to buy a trailer and bring the boat home and maintain it yourself.

4. Understand all the added costs you will be expected to pay soon after getting the boat. These include taxes, fuel, licenses, permits, insurance, storage fees, maintenance costs, and any upgrades the boat needs.

5. If you are only using the boat for fishing, you don’t want to get a boat designed for entertaining guests like on a pontoon. Make sure the boat style you choose matches what you plan on using the boat for.

6. Hit a local boat show and get a feel for all the latest boats on the market. This is a great place to get answers to all those questions you have by people in this field.

7. Spend a weekend with a friend who owns a boat, and tag along to see how much work is involved with getting the boat ready for a trip on the water each time they want to entertain.

8. Go to boating school so you are current on all the rules and regulations that must you must abide by on the waters.

9. If your vehicle is not equipped to haul a boat, make sure you get the right hitch and trailer to make this an easier task.

10. Expect there to be plenty of unexpected expenditures that are going to cost quite a lot of cash during the year, so set aside a little daily.

Now you have a checklist of ten things to consider before buying a boat, be sure to go through this entire checklist one at a time.  To find your next boat: visit