Understanding the Concept of Content Marketing

The reason most online business owners struggle with the concept of content marketing is because they have been lead to believe that they can not see success without making use of certain tools that game the system. These people promote products that promise overnight back links and a rush of never ending traffic, failing to tell the business owner that once the search engines catch on, that website will be dropped from the organic search results and all that hard work is wasted.

Charleston Content MarketingIf you want to see the results for yourself, here is a simple content marketing strategy that works;

First, you have to identify keywords in your niche that will attract your target audience. The way that you do this is by looking for long-tail keywords that are getting a decent amount of global searches each month. These keywords must also be getting minimal competition, and that is where the problem lies. These are not popular keywords, they take time to find these low-hanging pieces of fruit, but when you do find one it acts like a powerful magnet and attracts your target audience.

Secondly, you have to be able to write 500 word articles around that keyword. These articles must be unique, they must be relevant, and they need that keyword sprinkled in a few times throughout. If you are hesitant to try and write these articles, there are many websites only where qualified and skilled writers in every niche can produce a top-notch article for you for only a few dollars. The key here is adding a new article at least daily to your website.

once the articles are crawled and indexed by the search engines, your information is going to climb the organic search results. Each day as you get closer to the top, more of your audience will find your messages and click those links. It is important that the keywords you used to attract these new organic visitors is linked to an article that addresses the needs this person has. If your keywords on potty training lead the reader to an article about teething, they will hit that back button and never return.

Once you align the keywords and the article content, now you have to make it clear what action you want the visitor to take. If you leave the visitor to their own devices, when they finish your article they are going to just wander around before they get back to surfing. That article needs clear call to actions to your money site, your book, or your mailing list. If there is an action you want this person to take, make sure it is in the article.  For more info like this visit: onqsites.com